Hey tumblr I never visit, how you been? So at the moment I’m running a blog about local street art, so if you want, check it out? I’m seriously sorry it’s not a tumblr blog, I was forced to use *shudders* Blogger… And the Twitter @StreetBeatCBR, because, how do you even follow a Blogger?

Fantastic show by Perpetually Five! A great finale for @fashfest night two #perpetuallyfive #quirky #cool #loveit #fashfest


BawlersI Put numbers on the board

Dis is my friend and my house

Dis me and my friend’s house

Wow guys I’m going to be on the radio tomorrow. Like going to the studio and they’re going to ask me about my children’s book. holy fuck this is not going to end well….


Here are some flowers for your Friday night, because you look lovely today.

Goddammit Godzilla!
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